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Peter Horatio Sanz , who solemnly remarked that he wanted to hear Dangerfield's jokes one last time before admitting him to Heaven. It featured a short story about about a young friend to Superboy that is also dying of cancer and was also named Sam. In , for example, Michael Jackson made the montage, but Dom De Luise didn't, despite the latter having a much longer and more beloved cinematic resume. Animation and Ted Hughes, author of the original book The Iron Man, who died a year before the film's release. Sanjay appeared in that episode, which was filmed several months before. Was it how you dressed?

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The LEGO Movie was dedicated to executive producer Kathleen Flemming, who died in a serious accident while the film was being produced. Justice League: Doom was dedicated to writer Dwayne McDuffie , who died the year before the film came out, due to complications from open heart surgery following after completing the script. The Iron Giant has dedication notes to Susan L.

Animation and Ted Hughes, author of the original book The Iron Man, who died a year before the film's release. Two-Face was dedicated to the memory of Adam West , who died a few months before its release.

Hey Arnold! Incredibles 2 was dedicated to Bud Luckey, a Pixar artist who made contributions to every feature since Toy Story , and was the voice of Rick Dicker in the original film. Vanna White joined Sajak on the latter. Both times, Barker remarked how much each announcer added to the show and that they would be missed. When the Australian version returned in , Larry Emdur dedicated the first episode to former host Ian Turpie, who passed away just a few weeks before that series began production.

Pyramid : Dick Clark briefly noted the passing of announcer Bob Clayton shortly after his passing in November The Hollywood Squares NBC daytime version: Peter Marshall paid tribute to semi-regular panelist Wally Cox, best known as the voice of Underdog , upon his death; and again in when Cliff Arquette, who played his Charley Weaver character on the show, passed away after a stroke. Tom Bergeron version: Twice, with tributes to Florence Griffith-Joyner by Whoopi Goldberg, then producer and center square during her week of shows early in the run; and when John Ritter in , by then-producer Henry Winkler.

Let's Make a Deal : Wayne Brady paid tribute to co-creator and original host Monty Hall on the October 6, episode, which featured clips of Monty's sporadic appearances on the Brady-hosted revival and ended with a montage of pictures and clips from classic Deal.

Family Challenge : The first Michael Burger episode paid tribute to the series' first host Ray Combs who committed suicide in Family Feud : A episode saw Steve Harvey giving out a moment of silence for original host Richard Dawson, who had died on June 2 the same date that the above-mentioned Combs, who was also a former Feud host, committed suicide in Chico and the Man : On the first-aired episode following series star Freddie Prinze's death, a pre-taped comment from co-star Jack Albertson was played over the closing credits, thanking fans and viewers for their show of sympathy.

An episode of Smallville was dedicated to the son of a producer, and he is called a true " Superboy ". Another episode was dedicated to Christopher Reeve , who "made us believe a man could fly. The episode was called "A Tough Act to Follow. The episode then depicts a Detective's wake; the departed is laid out on the Pool table at the local cop bar, with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other, while his fellow policemen recount his finest moments and play Body of an American by The Pogues.

And still counting! Erik Gates, a rocketry expert and honorary MythBuster, died unexpectedly in late The MythBusters episode that aired the next week had an "In Memory" graphic at the end of the credits. The October 13, episode was dedicated to Sanjay Singh, one of their regular EMTs, who had died the previous week. Sanjay appeared in that episode, which was filmed several months before. On Barney Miller , after Jack Soo Yamana died, they had a fourth-wall breaking episode where the cast showed their favorite Jack Soo moments.

Titus had one after the death of the real-life Ken Titus. The Scrubs episode "My Cake", which deals with the death of J.

Cheb Rachid

So is an episode of 8 Simple Rules , which also deals with the death of the father character that Ritter portrayed. The Seinfeld episode "The Burning" is dedicated to Lloyd Bridges, who played elderly fitness nut Izzy Mandelbaum in two prior episodes. Honorees include director Jon Stone and actor Michael Jeter.

And then there's Episode , an episode-long tribute to actor Will Lee that also used the fact that The Character Died with Him as an oppurtunity to teach children about death in a mature manner, and episode , a Halloween Episode -long tribute to Muppet performer Jerry Nelson by means of honoring his most prominent character, Count von Count.

The special Sesame Street: 20 Years and Counting was dedicated to longtime series composer Joe Raposo and closed with a performance with his most famous song, "Sing". Family Communications Inc. As a result, the UK broadcast had a dedication to Pertwee at the end. Christmas Episode "Voyage of the Damned" featured a card after the final scene reading "In Memory of Verity Lambert ", who had died a month or two previously.

The credits for Series 4 opener "Partners in Crime" featured the words "In Memory Of Howard Atfield", who was meant to reprise his role as Donna's father for the series.

Unfortunately he was in ill health and died after his scenes in "Partners in Crime" were shot, and his character role was given to Bernard Cribbins ' newspaper salesman in "Voyage of the Damned", who became Donna's grandfather and a key character in the final stretch of David Tennant 's run on the show. Series 6 opener "The Impossible Astronaut" opens, rather than ends, with a dedication card to Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladen , who died 4 days before the episode's premiere.

Opening the episode with the dedication helps in establishing the episode's darker Wham Episode tone compared to other season openers. A further long-lasting tribute occurred in with the introduction of companion Clara Oswald who, it was later confirmed, was named in honor of Elisabeth Clara Sladen. Though not a "in memory of" card, the episode "The Wedding of River Song" weaves, in a subtle but unmistakable way, a nod to the memory of Nicholas Courtney into the episode, and even manages to make it a plot point of sorts.


The Doctor is on a "farewell tour", trying to postpone his rendezvous with his impending death in Utah as much as possible, and so he rings up the nursing home that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is at, hoping to share a drink or two with his old companion. A nurse tells the Doctor that the Brigadier had always spoken highly of him and requested that things be always ready if he ever decided to make a surprise visit to see the Brig — and that he had died a couple of months previous to the Doctor calling.

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This event is the one that finally spurs the Doctor to stop running and face his fate. A memorable episode of The Cosby Show guest-starring The Muppets was dedicated to their creator Jim Henson in reruns its premiere broadcast was before Henson's death. An episode of Angel was dedicated to Glenn Quinn, who played Doyle. Doyle had died in the first season, and Quinn died several years later, of an accidental drug overdose. The second-season two-parter 'Unholy Alliance' had a dedication in the credits to Werner Stocker, the actor who played Duncan's 'mentor figure' Darius.

Werner Stocker had died just as the last few episodes of the previous season were filmed. The opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics were dedicated to Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in a practice run on the luge track hours before the start of the Olympics.

Fadel shaker فضل شاكر

Suddenly Susan did one after the death of David Strickland. An episode of The Amazing Race 16 was dedicated to the memory of He Pingping, the world's shortest man who was able to walk, who handed out clues to racers following one of the leg's Roadblocks. Pingping passed away a little more than a month before the episode's original broadcast. A Season 6 episode taking place in Sri Lanka was dedicated to the victims of the Christmas tsunami that ravaged it months later.

In the Stargate-verse , the character of General George Hammond, a regular during the first seven seasons of Stargate SG-1 , died off-screen of a heart attack, referencing the fact that the actor who played him, Don S. Davis , died of a heart attack shortly before production the Stargate Atlantis series finale. As a result, in-universe Earth's newest battleship was named the George Hammond, mentioned at the end of Atlantis and first seen in the first episode of Stargate Universe.

Out-of-universe, the Atlantis finale was dedicated to Don S. Davis , as was the re-cut of the SG-1 pilot. Cruelly played with at the end of every episode of the sketch comedy Human Giant, in which a faux-memoriam to a random, allegedly dead member of the show's real crew and staff featuring the real face and name of a crew member is interrupted by advertisements for non-existent Human Giant products.

Supernatural dedicated their fourth season to Kim Manners, a director who died during the filming of that season. The title card appeared after the episode "Death Takes a Holiday," which was actually the fifteenth episode, but the first to air after his death.

Also in the fourth season, the episode "Afterschool Special" was dedicated to Christopher F. Lima and Tim Loock, a rigging electrician and post production editor, respectively. With Manners's after the fact full season dedication, this episode was dedicated to three separate, unrelated people whose deaths had nothing to do with each other.

The X-Files took their "In Memoriam" one step further. In her honor, Agent Leyla Harrison made her appearance in season eight's "Alone". The fictional Agent Harrison was quite a fan of Mulder and Scully's, spending much of her time at the FBI poring over their expense reports and during the entire episode, references previous cases the two had been on while partnered with Agent Doggett as possibilities for the creature they're hunting.

In the end, she meets Mulder and Scully and is gifted with the keychain Mulder had given Scully for her birthday during season four. She also makes an appearance in season nine's "Scary Monsters". In a more traditional style, the movie "I Want to Believe" is dedicated to Randy Stone, who was the casting agent who cast the pilot episode of the show. He died in When the dog playing Buck needed to retire, Married Of course, being a Bundy, even sweet doggy death doesn't give him any relief; he's reincarnated as their new dog.

A episode of Have I Got News for You opened with a dedication to Big George, the composer of the theme song, who had died the week before. He had been eliminated in that episode, and died in October after filming was completed.

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The parent show, Cake Boss , dedicated one episode to Salvatore Picinich, a long-time friend and employee, after his death from cancer. In , "The Map", an episode of The Middle that began with the Hecks coming back from Aunt Ginny's funeral, ended with an "in memoriam" to Frances Bay, who had played the character until she died the previous September.

The Castle episode "Punked" closed with a tribute version of the Stephen J. Colleague, mentor, friend. We'll miss you, pal. Additionally within the show itself, Cannell's poker chair has become an Empty Chair Memorial.

When the actor playing Compo on Last of the Summer Wine died a full three episodes were devoted to the character's death, funeral and memorial. He was replaced by Compo's previously unknown son, played by the actor's son. During Season 5 of Canada's Worst Driver , a contestant's brother-in-law was killed by a careless driver.


Parodied on Real Time with Bill Maher with "A Farewell to Douchebags", a montage made after election cycles of unpopular politicians and political figures who fell from grace during that cycle.

Played straight with Richard Jeni , Christopher Hitchens , and Garry Shandling's deaths, as Bill featured montages of their previous appearances on this show and his previous show Politically Incorrect. The first episode of the season of Wheel of Fortune had host Pat Sajak pay tribute to announcer Jack Clark, who died during the summer hiatus.

Sajak would pay tribute to Clark's successor, Charlie O'Donnell, in a similar way after his death in After director Mark Corwin died during the summer hiatus, a tribute was edited into a summer rerun. Because of Cory Monteith's death in July , the third episode of the season of Glee was dedicated to him, with his character Finn being killed off. The episode focused on Finn's loved ones remembering "The Quarterback".

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